Faking Heterosexuality

And Getting Away With It

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Are you not straight?

Have you ever been mistaken for being straight?

Are you amused when people consider you straight?

If so, welcome to the only community of this kind!

  • This is a friendly community for non-straight people to share experiences where other people considered them straight.

    • This includes coming out stories because the person you came out to may not have known about your sexuality.

  • You don't have to intentionally fake heterosexuality to join.

  • Since there are so many other non-straight communities, please only post entries that fit this criteria.

    • One exception to this rule is introduction posts. I encourage you to make one.

  • The most important rule is to accept everybody. Anybody who does otherwise will be dealt with.

  • If you want to submit a rather long entry, use an lj cut.

    • If you're unsure if your entry needs one, it probably doesn't. Use good judgement.


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