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Hello! new to this place so i thought i would start wit a quick question

ok so this August my dads mom and dad are having my family and my dads sisters family go down to Laguna Beach for like a week(does this every year) ok, so anyways my cousin is gay and him and his boyfriend go. now i've never been real close to my cousin not by choice he never really talked to us never even said hi (his mom is a bitch like all stuck up and shit) anyways like the last 2 years he's been getting closer to us and talking more etc etc...so the whole point of this is i want to tell him and his boyfriend i'm gay but i dont know how to go about doing that, like he's i think 1-2 years older then me and i dont want him to think that i'm just "gay" cause he is or because its "in" or for the attention or anything...but i'm more of a shyer person and i dont think i can just be like..oh hey i'm gay you know? any advice
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I guess I'm confusing...

Just thought I'd throw in a story as well,

I go to a community college, and we don't see a lot of gay guys around here. Most of them are still in the closet. So I act very straight around some people. But I guess I don't really act gay in general, because I always seems be surrounded by girls, and most are shocked if and when I tell them that I in fact like boys.
But I guess it's because I don't act overtly gay, as I've been told by many people before.
Of course this also effects my love life, since I don't look/act gay, I don't really get hit on...And I'm not good at spotting the closet cases either...

Has anyone else had this problem too?
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Hey, I'm a gay 18 year old male. I've been considering telling a specific friend about my sexuality for a while, but first I wanted to know his feelings on the subject. He's said many things that conclude he thinks I'm straight. I'll save those stories for another entry.

To get his opinion on the subject, I cleverly (or so I'd like to think :P) asked him his opinions on some controversial issues over AIM. I started with the death penalty, went to abortion, and ended with gay rights. I thought this would be a great way to get the information without suddenly bringing up the subject.

Here's the conversation.Collapse )

I was thinking he would be the second person to know, but after this conversation I don't want him to be.

I have many more stories that I consider amusing to share in the near future. I hope everybody will like them.

I look forward to reading everybody else's entries since these things amuse me :D.