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Hey, I'm a gay 18 year old male. I've been considering telling a specific friend about my sexuality for a while, but first I wanted to know his feelings on the subject. He's said many things that conclude he thinks I'm straight. I'll save those stories for another entry.

To get his opinion on the subject, I cleverly (or so I'd like to think :P) asked him his opinions on some controversial issues over AIM. I started with the death penalty, went to abortion, and ended with gay rights. I thought this would be a great way to get the information without suddenly bringing up the subject.

Me: what about gay rights?
My Friend: ummm be more specific
Me: should a gay person be treated any differently than a straight person?
Me: because of the person's sexuality
My Friend: nope
My Friend: altough i might treat them diff...just cause i m kinda homophobic i guess
My Friend: i wouldnt treat em bad though
My Friend: just
Me: how would you treat them differently?
My Friend: ummm i wouldnt like get to know them
My Friend: or
My Friend: like
My Friend: get "close" to them cause they r gay
My Friend: thats just me
My Friend: i m self consious about it
Me: you're afraid the person might like you or something?
My Friend: yes
My Friend: lol
My Friend: like if a gay guy hugs you...not so good
Me: i guess
Me: but i don't see a lot of guys hugging guys
My Friend: i know
Me: lol do you hug guys?
Me: or do guys hug you?
My Friend: ummm if its joking around i m fine with it
My Friend: but if a guy hugs you for like a goodbye or somethin
My Friend: not saying that has happened to me but if it did i would feel akward toward them
Me: that'd make me feel awkward too (I said this line so I would fit in)
Then there was silence and he changed the subject.

I was thinking he would be the second person to know, but after this conversation I don't want him to be.

I have many more stories that I consider amusing to share in the near future. I hope everybody will like them.

I look forward to reading everybody else's entries since these things amuse me :D.
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